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How We're Different

We’re urgent care for the legal system.

Have you ever needed to talk to an attorney for advice, but couldn’t get past the receptionist or didn't want to wait weeks for an appointment? We believe that everyone should have affordable, timely access to quality legal advice. That's why we make it easy to speak to a licensed attorney quickly—often within a day or two—to get advice on everything from business formation to estate disputes and almost everything in between.

No high fees. No unexpected bills. Just timely, straightforward legal advice.

See our approach to legal consulting.

There’s a time and a place for engaging a traditional law office but we can help when you just need to have a real conversation with an experienced lawyer.

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Need to talk about your business?

Whether you're starting a new business, navigating contracts, dealing with employment issues, or facing any other business legal matter, Consult With Shea is your go-to for professional and accessible legal advice.

Need timely and affordable mediation services?

Learn about our timely and affordable mediation services.

Need to Talk to a Lawyer?

Affordable legal advice without the hassle.

We provide legal advice when you need it at a fair and fixed price. You won’t get stopped at the receptionist. You'll know the attorney you’re talking to is experienced and knowledgeable.

Just need to talk to a lawyer?

Sometimes, you just need someone to listen to your issue and give you options to move forward in plain language–without legalese or jargon. You want to consider your options and make an informed decision about how to proceed or whether to let it go. We can help.

Meet Shea. He’s been practicing law for over 20 years.

With a focus on providing accessible and professional advice, Shea is revolutionizing the way legal services are delivered throughout Oregon and Washington. Shea draws from his 20+ year career in traditional law practice to offer a new, more efficient approach to legal counsel.

By focusing on consultation rather than traditional representation, Shea provides clients with the guidance they need without the difficulty and anxiety often associated with getting in to see an attorney.

How is our process different?

Seeking legal advice shouldn't be daunting or expensive. Our process is designed to make talking to a lawyer easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone.


Set up your consultation.

Set up a consultation by clicking any Book a Consultation link and selecting your appointment time. We do all our consultations virtually to save you time and money. If you prefer a telephonic consultation, you can select that option.


Get quality advice from a lawyer.

During your virtual consultation, Shea will carefully listen to your situation, identify any potential legal issues, and provide immediate assistance for urgent concerns. In many cases, the issue is resolved by the end of the consultation.


Discuss added services if needed.

If you need more legal help than Shea can offer during the initial consultation, Shea will give you options. Shea will then email a defined scope of work, fixed fee, and payment instructions for full transparency. If your needs fall outside our scope, we can help get you to appropriate counsel.

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